Hi, this is Esther,

As you may have gathered from our website, I am an English-speaking Spanish lawyer specialising in legal, fiscal, and administrative matters related to foreigners dealing and /or confronted with Spanish law. Using both my Law and banking credentials I have practiced both in the UK, Gibraltar and, for the last 30 odd years here in Spain.

Whether or not you have Spanish residency, or you intend to become resident in the future, our associates and I can provide you with the guidance and advice you will need together with the steps required. Using this BLOG, I will be regularly updating you on the latest Laws and bylaws which may and can affect your status, offering tips on how to deal with them effectively and efficiently.

I intend to regularly address matters of interest to all our existing and potential clients, and I do hope that at least some of it may be of use to you at one time or another.

Follow us on this space, and do not hesitate to contact us for further details or quotes!

Due to the turmoil we live in at the moment, my intention is to also write about the Brexit effect and the various ways for British citizens to become resident in Spain since Brexit came into effect earlier this year. We have done a lot of research on this, and I find, looking around and listening to British clients that much of the reality and many of the potential solutions are still not widely known. My BLOG is intended to enlighten in this respect.

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