Spanish Golden Visa – The Full Guide

Spanish Golden Visa gives non-EU nationals (examples – UK, China, USA, UAE, Russia, and many more) a great opportunity to access automatic open entry to Spain, by obtaining temporary residency, permanent residency or even citizenship, utilising a unique application process in which we specialize.

Obtaining The Golden Visa – Many people around the world have heard of this and have attempted to gain access to the process, here is an overview put together based on our special expertise in both the procedures and obtaining the right properties.

The Golden Visa was implemented in Spain in 2013 with the aim of facilitating and encouraging foreign Investors and successful entrepreneurs to come and invest in Spain. The goal is to incentivize the Spanish Economy, create new Jobs, encourage new talents, as it is easier to obtain residency via Investment.

Main Advantages, Benefits & Tips

  • Free movement within all Schengen Agreement countries for 90 days every 6 months, and unlimited stay in Spain with minimum visit of once a year.
  • The visa can also be extended to the spouse and dependent children.
  • Authorisation for 1 year initially to come to Spain, then Visa for 2 years renewable for another 5 years and thereafter the possibility of citizenship after 10 years if required.
  • Easy and fast process of renewal

We have a specialist team dedicated to all aspects of obtaining this Golden Visa from correct applications, ensuring all requirements are met, right though to extension and renewal.

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