Immigration and Foreigners´ Legal Procedures

Managing your affairs in Spain requires an advisor with a deep and thorough understanding combined with proper due care, experience, and diligence. This is an area where we have more than 35 years’ experience, and have built a strong reputation for reliable and dependable advice in areas including:

  • Golden Visa Applications – the residency Visa for non-EEC Foreign Investors meeting the Spanish legal requirements.
  • Authorisations of Residency (without activity) or for those wishing to relocate to Spain for work, family reunification, studying etc.
  • NIE applications (Foreigner Identification Number)
  • Citizenship applications
  • TIE – drivers licence Exchange

We take care of all the administrative and legal procedures related to Residency Permits and Citizenship Applications. 

 We are happy to advise you on everything you need and provide an integral and tailormade service. Please contact us to receive a structured quotation based on your individual needs.

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